Persons and Names of the Middle Kingdom

The online database “Persons and Names of the Middle Kingdom” (PNM) is developed as part of the projects “Umformung und Variabilität im Korpus altägyptischer Personennamen 2055–1550 v. Chr.” and “Altägyptische Titel in amtlichen und familiären Kontexten, 2055-1352 v. Chr.”, funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. The database contains Egyptian Middle Kingdom personal names, people, written sources, titles, and dossiers of persons attested in various sources. Version 4, currently available online, covers the sources from the reign of Mentuhotep II to the reign of Kamose (late 11th–17th Dynasty). The database is a work in progress. Along with additional sources, future versions will also include better translations and classification of names as well as translations of titles.

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