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Used archival sources

The following archival collections are referred to in the database:
Brooklyn Museum Dealers MSS
Brooklyn Museum Archives, Records of the Department of Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Art, General Correspondence, Dealers
Černý MSS
Griffith Institute Archive
Clère MSS
Griffith Institute Archive and the Louvre
Drioton MSS
Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire, Strasbourg
EES Archive
Egypt Exploration Society, London
Gardiner MSS
Griffith Institute Archive
Garstang neg. and Garstang notebook
Garstang Museum of Archaeology, University of Liverpool
Gunn MSS
Griffith Institute Archive
hieroglyphic transcription by Newberry and (or) Peet
Liverpool World Museum
O. D. Berlev Archive, St. Petersburg
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts
Wilbour MSS
Brooklyn Museum Archives, Wilbour Archival collection
Williams rubbings
Griffith Institute Archive