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What is included in the preliminary Version 1

Version 1 is a preliminary version published to demonstrate the main features of the database under development (and to kindly ask for feedback). Version 1 includes sources from the Second Intermediate Period sensu stricto, that is from the 14th to the 17th Dynasty (i. e., sources, associated with the foreign rulers of the Delta, independent Theban rulers, and the rulers of Kerma). The sources were pinpointed based on the dating criteria proposed in the scholarly literature. Dynasty 13 sources are not included except for the latest phase of the Dynasty (starting ca. from the reign of Sobekhotep VII). Written sources that may belong to the Second Intermediate Period are omitted if there is not enough evidence to support the date. This applies to monuments datable vaguely to the 13th-17th Dynasties. Likewise omitted are inscriptions datable to the 17th - early 18th Dynasty based on the object type, namely, stick shabtis (Whelan 2007) and rishi-coffins (Miniaci 2011) as long as there is no ground to exclude an 18th Dynasty date.

Version 1 lacks the German translations of personal names and titles; English translations of names are still preliminary, and the classification will be refined and extended in the future versions.

It is planned to publish the final version comprising as many persons and names of the Middle Kingdom as possible in 2021.