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“female mates are alive”

Name types:
name with rḥw(t), sentence with the stative (non-motion verb)
Is a possible reading of:
ꜥnḫ-n⸗j-rḥ.wt r:H t B1 Z3 anx n:Z1, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt B1-Z3-anx, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt B1-B1-anx-n:x, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt r:H*t-B1-Z3-anx-n:x, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt r H w:t B1 anx n:x, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt B1 // anx, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt r H t:A1:Z2 anx n:x, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt A40 Z2:t anx n:x, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt B1 t Z3 anx n:x, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt B1 H t:Z2 anx n:x, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt B1 H anx n:x Z2, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt B1 H anx, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt B1*H:Z2 t:anx, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt r-H-t:Z2-anx-n:x, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt r:H*t-B1-Z3-anx-n:x, ꜥnḫ-rḥ.wt B1:Z2-anx-n:x
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